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NATA training is a art. because APTOINN believes that teaching is a act of honor & teaching creativity is a interesting challenge.


Every student has a doubt if they need to have the skill of drawing to enter architecture. Actually its not true. Architect is different from an Artist. Architecture entrance exam concentrates in testing the observation & creative expression of the aspirants than the artistic talent.And architecture is not all about drawing beautifully .its something much more than that. NATA exam aims at testing the student’s willingness towards the creative course than marking their skills. Once they clear NATA exam & enter in to the B.Arch course, the artistic drawing is only a subject & not filled in with it.

         Then what’s architecture all about? Architecture focuses in training the student to think in three dimensional manner with technical & logical applications . The expression of this thought is initially made through manual drawing & later on with help of graphical software skills. Hence sketching is only an added talent and a expression tool for architects & not the only skill.

This explanation is given here, to give clarity to students who feels inferior about their sketching talents but has an liking to pursue architecture career to design wonderful buildings.

And even when sketching talent is only a tool, that can even be enhanced through a proper training.

Please understand that , even a elephant sketches in a circus if trained properly & why not you, we or us?

So, why still hesitating to open up to your career choice?

Remember you are not alone. APTOINN is with you.

To join hands with aptoinn, call : 1800 300 29209 or 9176301689.

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