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NATA 2019


NATA 2019 exam pattern :

          It’s a ONE-DAY  ONLINE CUM PAPER BASED EXAMINATION all over the country with 02 Attempts

NATA 2019 exam date schedule:

    Two Nata exam attempts are provided for students to prove their interest and excellence towards Architecture career for the year 2019

Exam Date 


(14th April 2019)


(07th july 2019)

Applicatio start date 24.01.2019 (24th january 2019) 24.01.2019 (24th january 2019)
Application End date 11.03.2019 (11th March 2019) 12.06.2019 (12th June 2019)
Admit card/Hall Ticket download date 01.04.2019 (01st april 2019) 24.06.2019 (24th june 2019)
NATA 2019 Exam Application Fees


Rs.1500/Attempt (only for SC/ST)

Note: if two attempts are booked at single shot, the total fees for 2 attempts is Rs.3500 (Rs.2800 in case of SC/ST)


Rs.1500/Attempt (only for SC/ST)

Note: if two attempts are booked at single shot, the total fees for 2 attempts is Rs.3500 (Rs.2800 in case of SC/ST)


NATA 2019 Result Declaration 03.05.2019 (03rd May 2019) 21.07.2019 (21st july 2019)

Medium of Exam : Only English

Negative Marks for Incorrect answers in NATA Exam : No

Exam Timings: 10.00 a.m to 01.15 p.m ( 03 Hours with 15 minutes break between online aptitude Exam & drawing exam  )

Total Marks of NATA exam: 200 Marks. i.e 80 ( Aptitude) + 40( Maths) + 80 ( Drawing)

Part - A (120 Marks)

Part – A  Timings: 10.00 a.m to 11:00 a.m (60 Minutes)

This part consists of 2 sections.

Section 1: Maths (40 Marks) Online Exam / MCQ Model

Question Pattern : 20 Questions x 02 Marks/Question = 40 Marks

Section 2: General Aptitude (80 Marks ) Online Exam / MCQ Model

Question Pattern : 40 Questions x 02 Marks/Question = 80 Marks

Part - B ( 80 Marks)

This part consists of only one sectioncomprised for paper based drawing exam.

Part- B Timings: 11:15 p.m to 01:15 p.m (120 Minutes)

 Drawing paper 

Question Pattern : 02 Questions x 40 Marks/Question = 80 Marks       


NATA 2019 Syllabus ( NATA Exam 2019 portions of Study):

Architecture Aptitude:

  • Objects , Materials & components related architecture & built environment
  • Interpretations of pictorial compositions of historical or modern buildings, building materials, architects & their styles & works.
  • Visualizing 3-Dimensional objects from 2-dimensional drawing.
  • Visulalizing the different sides of 3 dimensional objects.
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Mental Ability ( visual , numerical & Verbal )
  • Awareness of national/International architects & their creations.


NATA Drawing Paper Syllabus:

  • Understanding scale & proportion of objects
  • Understanding geometrical compositions
  • Understanding the different shape & building forms & their elements
  • Understanding aesthetics, texture, color
  • Understanding the principles of harmony & contrast
  • Conceptualization & visualization of scenes from memory & imagination.
  • Drawing of patterns of geometry & abstracts.
  • Form transformations in 2D & 3D like additive forms, subtractive forms, rational property of surface & volumes.
  • Generation of plan, elevation & 3D views of Objects.
  • Creating 2D & 3D compositions using given shape & forms
  • Perspective drawing, Sketching of urbanscape & landscape.

NATA Drawing test scoring factors:

Candidate is suppose to answer 02 question in 120 minutes. The scoring in drawings is based on following  factors:

  • Ability to sketch a given object proportionately & rendering the same visually appealing manner
  • Visualising & drawing the effects of light on the object and shadows cast on surrounduings:
  • Sense of Perspective drawing
  • Combining & composing given 3-D elements to form a building or structural form.
  • Creating Visual harmony using colours in given cxomposition.
  • Understanding of scale & proportions.
  • Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day experiences.

Note: The NATA drawing paper will be evaluated by more than one  examiner & the marks are to be averaged.

NATA 2019 Mathematics syllabus:

Algebra,Binomial Theorem  Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Matrices,VectorsLogarithms,  (positive integral index), Trigonometry,  Coordinate geometry of three dimensions, Sets, Relations & Mapping, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations,Coordinate geometry of two dimensions Application of Calculus,, Permutation & combination and Statistics & probability.

Algebra: Definitions of A. P. and G.P.; General term; Summation of first n-terms of series Σn, Σn²,Σn3 ; Arithmetic/Geometric series, A.M., G.M. and their relation; Infinite G.P. series and its sum.

Logarithms: Definition; General properties; Change of base.

Matrices: Concepts of m x n (m ≤ 3, n ≤ 3) real matrices, operations of addition, scalar multiplication and multiplication of matrices. Transpose of a matrix. Determinant of a square matrix. Properties of determinants (statement only). Minor, cofactor and adjoint of a matrix. Nonsingular matrix. Inverse of a matrix. Finding area of a triangle. Solutions of system of linear equations. (Not more than 3 variables).

Trigonometry: Trigonometric functions, addition and subtraction formulae, formulae involving multiple and submultiple angles, general solution of trigonometric equations. Properties of triangles, inverse trigonometric functions and their properties.

Coordinate geometry: Distance formula, section formula, area of a triangle, condition of collinearity of three points in a plane. Polar coordinates, transformation from Cartesian to polar coordinates and vice versa. Parallel transformation of axes, concept of locus, elementary locus problems. Slope of a line. Equation of lines in different forms, angle between two lines. Condition of perpendicularity and parallelism of two lines. Distance of a point from a line. Distance between two parallel lines. Lines through the point of intersection of two lines. Equation of a circle with a given center and radius. Condition that a general equation of second degree in x, y may represent a circle. Equation of a circle in terms of endpoints of a diameter. Equation of tangent, normal and chord. Parametric equation of a circle. Intersection of a line with a circle. Equation of common chord of two intersecting circles.

3-Dimensional Co-ordinate geometry: Direction cosines and direction ratios, distance between two points and section formula, equation of a straight line, equation of a plane, distance of a point from a plane.

Theory of Calculus: Functions, composition of two functions and inverse of a function, limit, continuity, derivative, chain rule, derivative of implicit functions and functions defined parametrically. Integration as a reverse process of differentiation, indefinite integral of standard functions. Integration by parts. Integration by substitution and partial fraction. Definite integral as a limit of a sum with equal subdivisions. Fundamental theorem of integral calculus and its applications. Properties of definite integrals. Formation of ordinary differential equations, solution of homogeneous differential equations, separation of variables method, linear first order differential equations.

Application of Calculus: Tangents and normals, conditions of tangency. Determination of monotonicity, maxima and minima. Differential coefficient as a measure of rate. Motion in a straight line with constant acceleration. Geometric interpretation of definite integral as area, calculation of area bounded by elementary curves and Straight lines. Area of the region included between two elementary curves.

Permutation and combination: Permutation of n different things taken r at a time (r ≤ n). Permutation of n things not all different. Permutation with repetitions (circular permutation excluded). Combinations of n different things taken r at a time (r ≤ n). Combination of n things not all different. Basic properties. Problems involving both permutations and combinations.

Statistics and Probability: Measure of dispersion, mean, variance and standard deviation, frequency distribution. Addition and multiplication rules of probability, conditional probability and Bayes’ Theorem, independence of events, repeated independent trails and Binomial distribution.


NATA Exam 2019

What is NATA ?

NATA means National Aptitude test in Architecture

NATA exam conducting Authority:

COA – Council of Architecture, a core body constituted by the government of india that provides & regulates standards of education, registration of architects, standards of professional conduct e.t.c

Total Number of architectural education institutions in india : About 450 institutions as of 2017.

NATA – A Mandatory exam for admission to B.Arch in INDIA:

    As per the As per the minimum standards of architectural education regulations prescribed by COA , qualifying in an aptitude test in architecture is mandatory for admission to B.Arch degree course.

About NATA 2019:

Purpose of NATA Exam:

 This is to facilitate a unified scheme of examination for testing the aptitude of prospective students all over the country to apply for admissions to B.Arch degree course for any school of architecture across india (Except N.I.T & I.I.T institutions for which the JEE – B.Arch Paper -2 has to be cleared separately).

Skill Measurement made through NATA 2019:

         This actually measures the aptitude of the candidate for the specific field of study i.e Architecture. This tests the person’s skill over drawing, observation, aesthetic sensitivity, sense of proportion, Mathematics & critical thinking ability.



NATA 2019 Application Procedure:

Nata Application dates : ATTEMPT - 1      24.01.2019 to 11.03.2019

                                          ATTEMPT - 2      24.01.2019 to 12.06.2019

  • Prerequisite to be kept ready before filling the NATA 2019 application: Keep all digital jpeg formats of Recent colored passport sized photograph(4 cm x 3cm - max 100 kb), left thumb impression(1.5 cm x 3.5 cm - max 30 kb) & candidate signature (1.5 cm x 3.5 cm - max 30 kb) ready before starting to fill the application.
  • Application Portal: Visit
  • Click on the link “ ONLINE APPPLICATION NATA – 2019”.
  • Fill the online Application of Nata 2019 available in the above mentioned website.
  • Fill all the mandatory fields marked with * without fail.
  • All 3 categories of the NATA application form 2019 has to be filled : Personal details , Document uploading & fees payment.
  • Print out the confirmation page generated on its scheduled available date  , after successful payment for the payer’s self – record.
  • Rs.1800/Attempt (Rs.1500 in case of SC/ST) to be paid as application fee by clicking " Payment of Fee through EPG Services). Also you can Pay Rs.3500 as payment for booking forboth the 2 attempts in single first shot itself. (Rs.2800 in case of SC/ST)
  • There is no need to send any printed application or documents via post COA Head Office.
  • The generated application number & the password applied to it by the individual has to be kept in memory for further correspondence or verification of any discrepancy.

Note: In case any filled data of the application got any errors, there would be a window period during which the candidates would be allowed to change their data.No further changes would be entertained beyond this stipulated window period.


Issue of NATA 2019 Exam Admit card/Issue of NATA 2019 Hall ticket:

 Admit Card/Hall Ticket: It contains the details of the NATA 2019 examination centre & the roll number .

Its available in downloadable format in the candidate’s login Hence to be printed & taken while appearing in the exam centre for the exam.

Publication of downloadable Admit card in : refer to the above table for the dates separately for first attempt & second attempt.

Note: The admit card to be retained carefully in undamaged condition till the completion of admission procedure.

Documents to be carried to Appear for the NATA 2018 exam:

  • NATA 2019 Admit card /Hall ticket
  • One Recent passport size photograph ( preferably the same that was uploaded along the application form)
  • One Photo I.D Proof  ( Voter Card/Pan Card/Aadhar Card/Driving Licence )


NATA exam centres 2019: 

The allocation of examination centre is subject to availability of at least 250 students in general.Cities will be based on the choices given by the candidate during online form fill-up. However, the allocation is to the discretion of the COA & it’s the final where any request towards change of exam centres will not be considered.

NATA exam 2019 result declaration:

For, NATA 2019 exam result dates, refer the above table.

NATA 2019 Result Format :

 Results will be available in the website of the council & various other websites & the info regarding the same would be published in print medias before the declaration.

  The results will be available in 02 formats:

  1. Marks obtained out of 200 & in each component. 
  2. Pass/Fail

Minimum Qualifying Marks for NATA 2019/ Pass Mark of NATA 2019 would be based on following rules

  1. At least 25% marks to be secured  in MCQ Portion ( 30 out of 120 )
  2. At least 25% marks to be secured in Drawing portion ( 20 out of 80 )
  3. Overall Qualifying marks ( out of 200) would be based on post-exam statistics & at the discretion of the council.

 Applying for Rechecking of NATA exam scores:          

There is no, Photo copy of valuated sheet or Revaluation is applicable for NATA Exam 2019.






Eligibility to take up NATA 2019:

  • Candidates should have completed or appearing 12th or equivalent examination with Mathematics to apply for NATA.
  • International Baccalaureate diploma passed/appearing after 10th are also eligible to apply.
  • There is not any lateral admission criteria for admission in any stage/year of B.Arch.
  • The minimum age limit is 17 years as on 31st July 2019.

Eligibility to Admission to B.Arch Course for 2019:

Only the candidates who satisfies the following conditions are eligible for admission to B.Arch Course.

  • Qualifying NATA 2019 
  • Secured minimum 50% of marks in 10+2 or equivalent exam with Mathematics,Physics & Chemistry as main subjects.

        Note: No direct lateral admission is allowed at any year/stage of B.Arch Course based on any qualification.





42098 candidates registered

37246 candidates appeared for the exam (88% of registered alone appeared for exam)

24540 candidates passed the exam. (58% of registered alone has cleared the exam OR 65% of appeared has cleared)




4334 candidates registered

3264 candidates appeared (75% of registered alone appeared)

2009 candidates cleared (46% of those registered have cleared OR (61.5% of those appeared alone have cleared )


Total seats in tamil nadu need to be filled only by counselling is 2720 (53 institutes) 




Reasons for less Applicants for Nata exam in 2018: The Application issue started by jan 1st week and closed by feb 2nd week and this information dint reach many of students as they were under the impression that the application would be available online anytime between march to september as it was in 2016 and before. Even COA (council of Architecture) dint take enough effective steps to propogate this change in the application dates to the public.

   Hence there were many Architecture career aspirants who missed the chance to get the application in 2017 and lost the chance to grasp their dream career.


Reasons for less pass % in Nata exam in 2018: Like the sudden change in the application date, there was a critical change in the Nata exam sylllabus and pattern of exam. 20% of Maths was suddenly included in the syllabus and the Maths portions were a shock to most of students as it comprised of CBSE +1 and +2 Portions and hence,most of the State board students couldnt cope up with the less availablepreparation time of those suddenly included portions within 15 days after their 12th exams as the exam was scheduled on 29th april 2018 and the students completed their +2 exams only by the end of march 2018.


Confusions in B.Arch Admissions 2018:  As a result, there were less number of eligible candidates for admissions in to the archietcture colleges throughout india.In caseof tamil nadu, thestate decided to conduct one more Exam to increase the number of eligible candidates and ANNA UNIVERSITY conducted the architecture aptitude test for the students of tamil nadu in the name of "TANATA" by the end of june 2017.But by,the tme these information reached students, most of the frustrated disappointed students have already attended the Engineering counselling and joined the Engineering or arts stream.Therefore very less number of students took up this TANATA 2087.

       But the confusions dint end right there. The students who have scored rankings in NATA exam 2018 challenged this decision of anna university that the TANATA exam resuts would affect their rankings for admissions for the meritorous seats. Hence, he anna university declared that the students who pass TANATA would gain only the eligibility to join Architecture(B.Arch) through the management seats of any anna university affiliated college or deemed universities and that they would be given nil chance to appear for the Anna uniersity B.Arch single window system rank based counselling. Therefore the students were again left with less choices and unnecessary high fees - admissions in colleges. 


Information about Nata 2019

  • 1. What is NATA?

    • The national aptitude test in architecture (NATA) measures the
      aptitude of the applicant for specific field of study, i.e. Architecture

  • 2. Who is eligible for NATA?

    • Any person having passed 10th Standard or equivalent examination,
      for details Clause 2 “Eligibility” in the NATA Brochure.

  • 3. Where to appear for NATA?

    • At designated Test Centers located at centers/colleges/ schools of
      architecture in India. Updated list of Test centers is available at the


  • 4. When to appear for NATA?

    • one-day examination (paper based, OFFLINE) all over the country on 16.04.2017 (Sunday). 


  • 5. How to register for NATA?

    • 1. Candidate can apply for registration for NATA 2017online at
      website by paying fees of Rs.1800.00 (for SC/ST - Rs.1500 - Community Certificate is essential) either
      through credit cards / debit cards / netbanking or can generate the
      challan for depositing the fees by way of cash in any of the branch
      of the ICICI Bank Ltd. all over India (processing charges extra).
      2. Identify a Test Center (from the website at a
      location convenient to the candidate.
      3. Approach the Test Center with the printout of the online form
      filled alongwith required documents and proof for the payment
      4. Select convenient date for appearing for the NATA.
      5. Request Test Center to register the candidate on the selected
      6. Procure Receipt cum Appointment voucher

  • 6. How to appear for NATA?

    • Report to the test center at least 30 minutes before scheduled time
      of test with Receipt cum Appointment voucher, valid photo ID and
      drawing material required for the test. Test Center personnel will
      guide you regarding the further process.

  • 7. When and where is the Score card available?

    • The score cards will be available on NATA website in e-format,
      usually, on the by 10th June, 2018 .


  • 8. What is the passing score at NATA?

    • Will be decided based on post-exam statistics, 

      Minimum Marks scoring to pass:

      1.Min 30/120 in MCQ ( Maths & Aptitude)

      2.Min 20/80 in Drawing

      (However 30+20=50 should not be understood as the total qualifying mark)

  • 9. Where can a candidate seek admission on the basis of NATA?

    • A candidate may apply for admission to any of the participating
      institutions as per the time schedule specified by the respective
      appropriate admission authority, along with all the documents
      desired by it.

  • 10. What is the last date for giving NATA?

    • The last date for NATA would be 02.03.2018


  • 11. What is the meaning of Admission Authority?

    • Admission Authority is a body, authorised by the Central/State Govt. / University to conduct
      and monitor admissions in that area. This may vary from the Directorate of Technical Education
      itself, a major University, Institution(s), a body created by an association of Architectural Schools
      in that State (eg. MASA), or any other Admission Authority recognised by the state. The candidate
      may be advised to check up in advance with Schools of Architecture where he / she is
      applying for the details of the admission authority and other information on the exact
      admission process.


  • 12. How do I practice for NATA? Where can I take Nata tuitions?

    • NATA is designed in such a manner that prior tutelage is not required. COA/NIASA is aware
      that the candidates will have no or minimal knowledge of architecture. NATA measures
      aptitude of the candidate in his / her aesthetic sensibilities (3D visualisation, logical
      understanding, etc.) and drawing skills that are in-built in every candidate and developed
      right from childhood to the present day. There will be certain questions on architectural
      awareness wherein candidates may be required to identify building of national or international
      importance. The candidate is expected to know about these structures through General
      Knowledge. The candidate may also prefer to update his knowledge on this by some reading,
      internet browsing or even by talking to architectural students, architects and other knowledgeable
      persons. In all probability, this will not be required. There will be a model NATA interface
      available on the NATA website to help candidates get acquainted with the visual format of the
      test. There will be no model questions available as such. The language medium of the test will be
      English. Minimal computerskills are required (pointing and clicking Mouse buttons).


  • 13. I am a foreign student / NRI. Can I take the test from my country of residence?

    • *Those opting for Dubai as their first choice of Exam city need to fill up two more choices mandatorily.

      *Dubai may be dropped as an exam city in case of inadequate number (less than 300) of candidates.
      *The candidates allotted to exam centre in Dubai as per their first choice, shall be liable to pay an additional fee of INR 7000 per candidate prior to issuance of Admit Card.
      *The mode of payment of aforesaid additional fee would be notified in due course.
      * Dubai cannot be chosen as second or third choice of exam city

  • 14. IfI belong to a particular quota (SC/ST/NT/etc.), do I getscorewaiverforNATAduring admission?

    • No.

  • 15. Are there any additional fees payable for training, etc?

    • No training/coaching is allowed in Test Centres and no other fees payable for this exam. If any
      centre indulges is such practice or insists on additional fees or participation in training program,
      please report such incident to Council of Architecture or NIASA

  • 16. Whether old question papers are available?

    • No. At NATA, question paper is unique of each candidate hence no old question papers can be
      made available.
      For any other questions please register at NATA website ( and get into
      'Forum' section. You can post your queries here. Please search before you post the query. It
      may be already raised by some other candidate and already answered.
      Information Brochure NATA 2018

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